I have over 11 + years of management & marketing experience in both jobs and business. My skills have helped me evolve into a business and legal consultant. I have helped entrepreneurs grow their brands from scratch, plan their content & marketing strategy that resulted in increasing their sales and establish their business as a brand.

Ever since I was a little kid, the business has been my passion. I still remember sitting in my father’s shop, noticing him dealing with customers. I saw the beginning, rise, and witnessed the closure of his business. During my graduation, he had to shut down his business for various reasons. I had to assist my family; soon after my graduation, I started hunting for jobs. Luckily, I got a job in Wipro and began working as an associate, and enrolled in a business management course to complete my post-graduation. The passion for starting a business was always there in my mind. I focused on learning, along with supporting my family financially. I switched jobs and worked as a consultant for almost 7 years in the corporate sector.

During my tenure at Tangoe, I attended Project Management training and studied project management tools and techniques. Transitioned a massive project from the UK with minimal support and delivered an ROI of 223% YTD. I was into a client & vendor management role at Tangoe and True Influence that helped me communicate with various international stakeholders. My experience at Tangoe & True Influence excelled my management, marketing, communication, and reporting skills.

In 2017, I left my job and launched my digital marketing agency Telesense, (now DigiQuiRe after Merger). Starting a business was a whole new learning experience for me. Working in a start-up teaches you almost everything that is needed to run a thriving business. Building a brand was my vision and, I aspired to use my experience & skills to create a brand. I founded Cozynuts in 2017 itself and began trading agro commodities. I got trained in the export-import business & picked it as my digital marketing niche. The flexibility of being into business allowed me to do graduation in law. In the last 5 years, I have served many clients to build their business from scratch, established their business brand. My experience has helped me grow professionally into a business and legal consultant.
I now realize and know the reasons for the closure of my father’s business and, I have learned what not to do when doing a business.

I believe there is no end to learning, but life is short. We eventually grow as professionals in our lives. Corporate experience and business have taught me a lot and still do. Whereas, the legal profession is lifelong learning. I now am practicing as a corporate lawyer and business consultant.

If you want to talk about business building, strategic consultation, creativity, marketing, brand building, export-import business & corporate legal matters, I’d love to talk.