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What is the cure for Unemployment?

Digitalization has taken over the world; it has lessened manual efforts in most of the tasks in our day to day life. The ongoing pandemic has forced businesses to shut down or reduce the workforce due to which millions of people lost their jobs. Such kind of global crisis has happened in the past, happening now and will happen in future as well. This type of situation will always have a personal, social and financial impact on our lives. It is time to rethink and prepare ourselves to face such challenges in future.

We will discuss essential aspects of knowledge that directly or indirectly impacts our career in this blog that will give you a higher understanding of your nature and behaviour. If you learn and follow these steps; then it can help you become confident & financially satisfied. Let’s start:

Education or Skill

The education system plays a crucial role in shaping up your career; the goal of education is to gain knowledge. For a job, there should be job oriented training. Getting work depends on the skills you have; skill development and education are two different things. It’s time that we acknowledge the difference between them. Proper education opens up the door for skill development. Education is uniform and almost same for a group of people whereas skill development depends on the personal capability of an individual. The education system is controlled by the government of a state that has its own set of pros and cons however; the focus on skill development is often not up to the mark.

Identifying Your Personality

Before we undertake any task we should know ourselves; we spend the maximum duration with ourselves but do we put efforts to identify our characteristics? Do we know our strengths and weaknesses? This unique ability to understand our nature and behaviour is alone enough to help you see your vision with more clarity.  Success comes if your vision is clear, and you are consistently working towards achieving your goals. Apprehending your depths and flaws can add more value to your purposes. Furthermore, identifying your character attributes can help you determine a suitable career option. We usually neglect the importance of these crucial elements of our life that hinders our overall growth.

Be an artist, be remarkable

The world has changed again; COVID has pushed enterprises to decrease the workforce and minimize operating costs. Many well-known brands have decided to shut down its operations; though the current situation will not last long. However, the ongoing pandemic has affected millions of people across the world. Humans do not have control over certain things and we must accept this if we want to improve the quality of our life. 

To make money, you now need to be skilled or an artist and to showcase that skill, one needs a laptop with an internet connection. It doesn’t matter whether you are a lecturer, software developer, graphic designer, consultant, an artist, a blogger or anything else your web presence matters a lot. It’s hard to sustain in the market without using the digital world. Further, large office locations are also not needed to do online jobs.

Being remarkable is all about obtaining a broad understanding of the skills you have & become exceptional in your speciality. Remarkable people are tough to find; no enterprise can think of removing an exceptional person.

Understanding your brain type

There are two types of brains primarily right and left, also known as analytical and artistic. Understanding this one thing can change the lives of millions across the globe. Improving an individual’s strength requires redesigning the existing education system. Once you have determined the brain type of an individual; then it becomes easy to provide appropriate skill development training. Determining brain type and working on the interests of a person can help the individual to show extraordinary performance in the field of their expertise.

Bringing such revolutionary changes can improve the situation of unemployment in the world. There are several ways to understand one’s brain type; there are many expert consultants in the market who can help you with this.

Develop risk taking capacity

The human brain is designed in such a way that it prefers to live in a safe zone all time. Fear and greed are the two main attributes that rule human lives if you conquer these two; then there is no looking back. A person with more risk-taking ability will go farther than the ones who stay in a safe zone. Risk comes from not knowing where you are heading; before you even start your efforts, you must get as much information as you can. Setting clear goals and building good habits are equally important ingredients for success. Being bold about your decisions is the result of your understanding of the subject if you have extensive knowledge of the task that you are engaged in; confidence develops naturally.

All this is possible if you are consistent and living a disciplined life; without this, it will be very tough to achieve your dreams.

Collect more and more information

We are living in the information age where the winner is always the one who has acquired enormous information about any subject or field of expertise. For example, if you are going to start a sanitizer making unit, then you need to have all the important information regarding starting such a unit; including production, operations, cost, production cycle, sales and marketing etc. To have all the required information will address most of your challenges in setting up your business, there is no option to information. As a business owner, you must focus on building a team of remarkable people, those who are intelligent and posses’ sufficient information of the domain.

 Self-Employment is the beginning

Self-employment means being able to take care of your daily and monthly expenses by doing some work, if you are able to take care of your expenses by doing some work then you are self-employed. Joining a job can help you meet your regular expenses. However, self-employment is the first step to become financially satisfied. The new generation should focus on becoming a job creator rather than trying to find a job and spend 10-15 years of valuable time in their life. Jobs are not guaranteed if you have studied for this sole purpose of finding a job then; I am sorry to say you have just wasted your precious time and efforts. There is no guarantee that you will get your dream job by doing the least work if you are willing to make money then; you must have more and more options to generate income. As the saying goes “Rich are not those who have big bank balance, car and house, rich are those who have multiple options to generate income”.


The main problem in eradicating unemployment is our mindset, we can blame our education system, our governments, our culture and society but ultimately it’s our responsibility to take charge of our life and become remarkable in whatever we do. You are a victim of your thoughts; if you think you’re unemployed. Remember there is no lack of work, but the shortage is of dedicated people in the society. Wasting time on ranting about unemployment is of no sense; instead, if we focus on learning a new skill that can help you generate income. Nowadays, nearly everyone holds a smartphone with an internet connection; there is an immense material available on the web that can transform your life significantly, if we fail to utilize it then the blame is on us.

We are moving into a whole new digital world, artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality are going to rule the lives of humans. It’s a race those who want to survive shall never stop learning and improving its never too late.

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