I am the type of guy who creates and builds innovative things; I believe anything is possible if you are sincerely committed to your vision.

Hi, I’m Deepak Tiwari, and I’d like to share a bit of my story with you.

I was born and raised in a small city of Uttar Pradesh; Elders in my family knew the value of good education and upbringing so they got me admitted in a reputed school of our small town. I always favoured creativity over hard work, since my teenage I had a great desire to go to a metro city and find work so that I could support my parents and family. Destiny had something else in store for me, I was sent to do graduation in Karnataka. My roots originate from a backward village so I didn’t have any trouble in adapting to the new culture & tradition of various states where I lived. I fell in love with Karnataka and eventually learnt to speak the Kannada language. After my graduation, I was told to take admission in post-graduation but the desire to work was still burning inside me. I knew I only have a few years to accumulate some capital before I start my own business. I didn’t take admission and started looking out for jobs in Bangalore. Being a non-technical guy I had very few choices, so tried for jobs in some call centres. I was rejected from 2-3 companies without getting any feedback, I felt really bad but since there was no pressure on me from my family to find a job I thought I will train myself and keep looking for jobs. Luckily, I got a part-time job in a company where I was paid 4000 rupees (I Still have the salary slip and demand draft envelop with me as I have a habit of keeping old things in my archive). I didn’t go to work after getting my salary because I was not satisfied with myself, Worked hard for 1 month and went to attend an Interview in Wipro, The kind of MNC youngsters love to start their career with, there were 3 rounds of Interview. Mr Pradeep the HR director called me in his cabin and said, “We would like to give you an opportunity however, you need to re-attempt the aptitude test after 3 days” Would you come for attempting it on Friday? I agreed to come back and left for the day. My room was at a distance of 2 hours from the Wipro office, all the while on the bus I was thinking of how I would qualify in the aptitude test on Friday. There were no smartphones and I didn’t even have a laptop. I reached home had dinner and slept. Next 2 days were spent in cyber café and in practising the aptitude tests.

On Friday, I went to the office took the test and guess what I was selected for the job a decent package but there was something else in store for me. The job location was Pune and I had to report in the next two weeks, I informed my parents and they all were very happy and proud of me. I left for Pune and joined Wipro in January 2010. I left Wipro and came back to Bangalore after a year and then there was no looking back. My focus was only on learning as much as I could while I was employed. I used to attend Interviews almost every weekend in Bangalore just to keep myself updated with the kind of questions I would come across in case if I had to switch. More than routine work I was curious to know how big MNCs operate. Attending workshops on Project Management, Marketing, soft skills etc were my hobbies and I preferred to stay alone all these years.

After serving on various posts with a proven track record, I came close to the point where I had to prepare myself for starting my business. I joined a leading B2B Digital marketing MNC as an Assistant Manager; I knew I had limited time as per my plan. It was the best company where I worked In fact, it was the kind of job a corporate guy would love to do. As I had gained good experience and knowledge over project management, had completed my MBA in correspondence and then those workshops, Interviews which I had attended while all these years in job became my biggest assets. Along with all this when there was no interview scheduled for a week then I used to go to the construction sites with samples of cemented blocks to get an order, used to sell clothes in my friend’s shop or assist a friend’s restaurant where I used to have my lunch on Saturday and Sunday’s. I did all this just to learn how businesses work, my job was paying me well and I used to send money to my parents every month.

Along with my last job, I started assisting a startup of my friends in Pune. The moment came and In 2017 I left the job and left Bangalore too. It was a daring step that I had taken at the age when my friends started getting married, few of them were already had infants but all this did not bother me. I had my vision in front of me; there was no going back for me. Initially, as I had made some capital it did not feel much. The Pune start-up had some difference between the top management and me as they were more from a call centre background and was insisting on working for lead generation campaigns. I was more interested in building a whole new digital marketing company, it did not work between us and I started working on my venture “Telesense” and shifted to the capital of my native state i.e. Lucknow. I had my fair share of struggle and I faced ridiculously difficult days, that’s a different story but I never gave up. I had made a promise to myself the day when I left my job that no matter what, even if I have to sleep on the footpath I will but not quit.

In the last 3 years, I got familiar with the local environment, attended training sessions, excelled my skills, grasped a lot of information and gradually started getting clients for website development and digital marketing. Being new in business it takes a while to build trust in the market. Signed partnership with Ms Ruchi who is taking care of development aspects of our business and I manage consulting & digital marketing segment of my business.

I founded a trading company at the end of 2017 that deals in agro products. I spent my time learning International trade as it’s my passion. Have helped some notable clients build their business from scratch in export Import Industry.

My vision is to create more and more business leaders and help eradicate unemployment in our country by sharing my knowledge and experience of over a decade to contribute to the social development of our country. International business is the key to help India grow as a leading economy of the world.

I apologize if I sound boastful in my introduction, I didn’t intend to. I wrote because someone like me out there; looking for help and right guidance to start a business.

Are you the one? Well, if you are sincere and committed strongly to your goals no one can stop you.

Get in touch with me to know more and start to build a long-lasting business from scratch.